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The Mind Mantis

May 31, 2011

It’s like she’s a partition of the earth
itself, the earth as it oxidizes
and grows too old to think.

Life is mocked by this wash
of water and magnesium—
it’s more a part of the story
of oxygen than the
story of the mind.

She could be praying that
the brain of the world
will become the mind of the world,
the only one she ever knew.

She could be an illusion in
a vast assault on illusions,
for her camouflage
creates the impression that
she is not present, not constitutive,
as if her beauty takes her
away from the earth.

The mind mantis, her minerals
crystallize and form into
forms of life that seem to grow into
the cracks and fissures, as the rocks erode.
Seem to, but don’t.

Bring them to the surface,
Mantis, that we may judge
all the ancient dendrites,
all the blush of another world.