Surely mankind’s greatest invention is the sentence. —John Banville Since Aristophanes and Socrates Are talking poetry—with the gods’ blessing— With a whisper about a parchment—call It a ‘sur-fact’, a secret, or maybe A surface—just a simple white canvas, Really, a talented tabula rasa, A prime mover—prima facie—the desert. Say poetry is like that too, justContinue reading “Pre-Socratics”

The Buzz

Ever wonder what a fly-bottle is? Wittgenstein mentions one rather casually, like it’s obvious. What is your aim in philosophy? He asks. To shew the fly the way out of the fly-bottle. But, you know, why would a fly have a bottle? What’s he doing in there in the first place? What, in point ofContinue reading “The Buzz”