Big Fish Eat Little Fish

If you would like to read this narrative from the beginning, go to Mr. and Mrs. Molassass   Mr. Molasses often segued between trust and distrust of his self and that self’s betrayal. He was never suspicious. Mrs. Molasses, trended in the opposite direction. She was lusciously suspicious. Today she had her cross hairs onContinue reading “Big Fish Eat Little Fish”

Wallace Stevens: Adorning the Rock

  This is the longest piece I ever wrote. I published it on extrasimile in four parts. it also appeared (and still appears, though it difficult to find) on00 You will be forgiven if you don’t read it, but it is something of f an Ars Poetica for me.       Donald HallContinue reading “Wallace Stevens: Adorning the Rock”

This Jolly Rogue (A Dream Language)

Just as sleep can become a rock, only A jolly rogue can become a dream language large enough for what a nightmare stands for. For what are dreams if not the ground We stand and fight for, eh Horatio?\ And what a stone is, is what a rock can be When divided too many times—pebbles,Continue reading “This Jolly Rogue (A Dream Language)”