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A Saturday Afternoon on the Moon

July 20, 2009


Again with the tunnel.

It’s longer now.

I don’t know why. It’s been weeks since we cleared

The fence—but to get round that fucker with

The ugly mask, his gargoyle’s face still

Eluding doubt, escaping certainty…?

No way, my friend.


Real prisons

Imprison minds, as well as bodies, right?

And so today when our film begins, the

Action will start behind a barbed wire fence:

The tents, a tin roof, dirt, an opening

On creation that’s worthy of Monument

Valley, which is not where we are…

The camera pans across the road and gawks

At prisoners in prison uniforms—

You’d have to be stupid not to know about

The tunnel…


…and how each night they shift their beds about

To skinny down a spider hole and dig—

Each handing each a handful of dirt back

Along the tunnel route, and up and out—

And here’s the clever part:  especially sewn seams

Which line the legs, inside the pants, and lets

Us scatter the sandy dirt, like gods in golden

Slippers, like Cinderella going to

The ball, like the invisible foot soldiers

We think we are, the ants in service to

A higher power, a revolution…

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