A Dumb Show

Horatio is braggadocio Personified. It’s hard to believe. One minute, he’s cool as a mule, The next it’s like he has invented silence— But it’s a good silence, a probing silence A void devoid of what Claudius needs— A good cheerleader. When All the King’s Men, Get together again to play the play, The MurderContinue reading “A Dumb Show”

This Jolly Rogue (A Dream Language)

Just as sleep can become a rock, only A jolly rogue can become a dream language large enough for what a nightmare stands for. For what are dreams if not the ground We stand and fight for, eh Horatio?\ And what a stone is, is what a rock can be When divided too many times—pebbles,Continue reading “This Jolly Rogue (A Dream Language)”

Always Scream at the Sun

Night Look at that monster’s eye, Horatio; it’s like reflections of sunlight from moon to sea to clouds; it’s like reflections turned into existence, a contingency—our thoughts made real! Yet night is full of words, not spirits, not selves. Today, I think you can safely tell Hamlet he will not have vengeance on his staleContinue reading “Always Scream at the Sun”