Adorning the Rock (4)

Adorning the Rock (1) Adorning the Rock (2) Adorning the Rock (3) Twisted, stooping, polymathic Z When we last saw Wallace Stevens he was in a bar, in a bad mood. Indeed, late style might be thought of as bringing a bad mood (and the bar) to the process of creation.  Anyway, Uncle Wallace isContinue reading “Adorning the Rock (4)”

Adorning the Rock (3)

Adorning the Rock (1) Adorning the Rock (2) Seventy years Later The first section of The Rock (is ‘canto’ appropriate here?) starts off so bleakly that the temptation is to skirt its title. Stevens was seventy or so when he wrote The Rock. It is obvious that he is writing about his life, and theContinue reading “Adorning the Rock (3)”