Wallace Stevens: Adorning the Rock

  This is the longest piece I ever wrote. I published it on extrasimile in four parts. it also appeared (and still appears, though it difficult to find) on00 arduity.com. You will be forgiven if you don’t read it, but it is something of f an Ars Poetica for me.       Donald HallContinue reading “Wallace Stevens: Adorning the Rock”

A Dumb Show

Horatio is braggadocio Personified. It’s hard to believe. One minute, he’s cool as a mule, The next it’s like he has invented silence— But it’s a good silence, a probing silence A void devoid of what Claudius needs— A good cheerleader. When All the King’s Men, Get together again to play the play, The MurderContinue reading “A Dumb Show”

This Jolly Rogue (A Dream Language)

Just as sleep can become a rock, only A jolly rogue can become a dream language large enough for what a nightmare stands for. For what are dreams if not the ground We stand and fight for, eh Horatio?\ And what a stone is, is what a rock can be When divided too many times—pebbles,Continue reading “This Jolly Rogue (A Dream Language)”

The Weariness of the Spider

1. Like hunters shooting at stars too far from earth, the weariness of the spider is like a dying panther caught in a trap at the edge of the savanna as morning surrenders to the anger of the sun. 2. As you burn your brand into the vastness of the savanna. I will burn myContinue reading “The Weariness of the Spider”