If you would like to read this narrative from the beginning, go to Mr. and Mrs. Molassasses   A pale blue envelope with green ink addressed to Mr. Shylock Holmes—Shylock—was in with the ordinary fan-mail. Benedict Cumberbatch fished it out, and held it up to the light. He was feeling more and more like SherlockContinue reading “DEERSTALKER, THE MOVIE”

Mr. and Mrs. Molasses

Obedience to the force of gravity. The greatest sin. —Simone Weil Mr. and Mrs. Molasses watched as the glass of wine slowly turned into vinegar. There wasn’t much to see, of course, and it took time—but time often hung heavy at the Molasses’ residence. (Thoughts hung heavy; breathing hangs heavy, even silence can behave heavily.)Continue reading “Mr. and Mrs. Molasses”

Froggy Talks

As always ‘The Blaze in the Haze’ arrives with badCommensurability, like comparing blood orangesAnd magic mushrooms; they kind of makeYou think your legs and arms have gone spastic.If you eat them—but whoa, wait, we don’tEat them. What do you think this is Lewis Carroll?We’re not hallucinogenic. Tall toad tales,Maybe, but that’s as far as IContinue reading “Froggy Talks”