Catch and Release

Just as fish hang in scales, their weight to be Determined by the pull of gravity, Their sales reflect what fishmongers must see Belongs to a season’s inclemency. And you propose to reason so…to fish! To me, it’s a calamity, served cold, Like a revenge plot that becalms a wish instead of a smile winsome,Continue reading “Catch and Release”

Cathedrals in Spain

Pancake people? The image is arresting: Pancake people. Yum. Melting butter, syrup dripping off the edge of the plate, coffee, sausages, the Sunday paper cracked open, Dick and Jane playing with Spot on the front lawn… Such an attractive metaphor—W e are pancake people. Doodle a little face with chocolate sauce and dig in. Okay,Continue reading “Cathedrals in Spain”

Out of Sight

Okay class, there’s a surprise quiz today. Click here and no talking. Time’s up. How did you do? Now, I don’t know about you, but I ran out of common words rather quickly. Come, but, can, the, and, how, have…  I did okay for a while concentrating on the modal verbs, but my mind keptContinue reading “Out of Sight”

The World as Meditation

The Sun, on the Horizon… Wallace Stevens was fond of writing and speculating—and (if I may) poetizing and philosophizing—about ‘the poem’. Inscribing a copy of his Collected Poems to one of Holly Stevens’ English professors, he wrote: When I speak of the poem, in this book, I mean not merely a literary form, but theContinue reading “The World as Meditation”

Expanding the Classroom

Fast Eyes Talk about amazing. The other day I turned on my computer. I got on the Internet, went to a webpage, sat there, put on my glasses…there was a lot of text swimming before my eyes…but I sat there and I read the whole thing! I read it slowly; I read it carefully; IContinue reading “Expanding the Classroom”

Free Association

  Want to take a guess?  Okay, here’s a quiz. Can you tell me the name of the earliest example we have of a printed and dated literary work? Right, it has nothing to do with Guttenberg; we have to go to China, and it is something philosophical—but what? Something from Confucius? Nope. Maybe somethingContinue reading “Free Association”


Robert Darnton Do me a favor and read my summary of Robert Darnton’s opening paragraphs in The New York Review of Books on The Library in the New Age, and then follow the link below to read Mr. Darnton’s essay. We’re going to learn about the instability of information. You know: compare and contrast. HereContinue reading “Turbulance”