The Sun Rose

Then glut thy sorrow on a morning rose,
Or on a rainbow of the salt sand-wave..;
                                  John Keats

The Sun Rose is beautifully named;
It goes well with 'dry chrysanthemums.' 
Which are the very epitome of a chant--
Why, even the water-lily can sing
As the shades descend from the sky.
As the shades descend
They pause to look at the flowers.

They paused to look at the flowers
Because they were here to revive
An earth they needed to believe in–
and for that they needed flowers.
As the shadows descend
To an earth of delicate surmise
The sun rose and the garden beckoned.

Published by extrasimile

define: extra: excess, more than is needed, required or desired; something additional of the same kind. define: simile: a simile is a type of figurative language, language that does not mean exactly what it says, that makes a comparison between two otherwise unalike objects or ideas by connecting them with the words “like” or “as.” The reader can see a similar connection with the verbs resemble, compare and liken. Similes allow an author to emphasize a certain characteristic of an object by comparing that object to an unrelated object that is an example of that characteristic. define: extra: an minor actor in a crowd scene

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