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Tongue Twister

October 31, 2017

The  Sufi ‘Soapy’ Sophie shrieked, “Debrief the  chiefs, release the cheap  sheep of  the chefs, shrink the sheiks cheeks.”


October 20, 2017

That winter can be a speech, that words can change
A child’s body from the pink flesh
Of life into an icy gown,
An act of contrition so slowly spoken…
…So fragile and pale it becomes like
The stone hands it must use
To paint the lace-ice portraits
That so confound the storm windows
As winter springs from death’s hand.
This is what we say
When we pretend not to obey.
This is the sweep of ice across the land
Turned to the blank gaze of sufferance,
The loss of sunlight, into utterance.


October 13, 2017