At Daylight’s Reckoning

December 10, 2015

They had failed at magic:
the long walks home;
the nights being so cold,
but not cold enough not
to remember the shape
of a shade tree in July;
nor long enough not
to remember what
a shade tree is for—
for they had  bet on this,
a night like this,
a daylight’s  reckoning,
the icicles dancing in
the snow in the twilight,
and it was too cold not
to be thinking
of summer tonight
as they hurried across
the newly frozen pond
listening for the sounds
of ice clucking and moaning
and cracking, as it shifted
on top of the warmth of` the water
trapped between the ice above
and the icy land below.


One Response to “At Daylight’s Reckoning”

  1. John Looker Says:

    I love this Jim. It’s beautiful and evocative. Having turned seventy this year, I feel I’m hurrying across that frozen pond myself but, like the subjects of your poem, I had reckoned on this. And I don’t mind.
    But that’s another story — which I’ll take up later on your poem “Again “.

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