November 3, 2015

O, Orpheus, have you deceived us once
Again? We thought you’d said ‘descend’. But now
You use ‘arise’ as if one were a dunce
To make that pit into a sacred cow—
Because into that pit the fallen angels ‘fell’.
Of course, in that pit were merely animals
Of faith and fat that came to ‘dwell’.
Of course, you changed us into their cannibals—
And cannibals must remain frozen in their
Terrible form until some song release them;
Until some song, intrepid and so spare
In action that it may slip past the guardian
And make resurrection. O, Orpheus,
It seems a half of you has deceived both of us.


2 Responses to “Again!”

  1. John Looker Says:

    This being a sonnet, I looked for the turn. The first eight lines give us the Underworld as a place, the ancients ‘ view of it as a state of half existence. Dreadful. The final six give us the song — so significant. A most interesting poem Jim and well worth the reading.
    “That ‘I’ am not going to continue after my death is a strange thing [still] to think about” — part of your remarks on my blog, admittedly taken out of context. The modern mind has a tough time comprehending death as non existence. Nagel’s essay was pertinent reading.
    So was this poem Jim.

  2. John Looker Says:

    Hello Jim. I’m reading Nagel’s essay that you mentioned and rereading your remarks on my own site. Quite a bit to think about (and I’m a slow thinker).

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