The World without Poetry

May 11, 2015

Hold this match still. Hold it high.
How light always exceeds itself.
The poetry of this pasture,
despite the smell of tobacco—
indeed—a cigar—a Cuban—
a light that is always ash white—
deceives the eye as well as the nose.
You think it’s night, don’t you?
You think it’s a field of soybeans.

You fool the eye, and, look, you fool no one.

The rain has remade a solemn forest into
a jolly field of microbes that no one still alive
can smell or taste, much less see or hear.
Hence the poem, this poem.
Only it can discern the rain as it redraws reality
in this ultimate darkness. Only it can see
the world without poetry.
How it grows, glows.


3 Responses to “The World without Poetry”

  1. John Looker Says:

    Bonne chance Jim, et bon voyage.

  2. extrasimile Says:

    Hi John. Yes it is good to put an ‘extrasimile’ poem up. I’ve got a great deal of stuff going on in my life—and it’s not over yet. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…
    If I make it, I will tell you the whole story. I don’t know if I’ll put it on extrasimile or not. Maybe just in an email. I have one more surgery to go. The last one proved to be way more complicated than expected.
    I have had a chance to read a couple new poem from your site—and I do have ‘the human hive’ and have read some of it. So some thought one of these days.
    A celebration of poetry at the end of the world without poetry? Well…maybe.

  3. John Looker Says:

    It’s good to find another Extrasimile poem. I might be puzzled, even lost, but there is always a profound and affecting atmosphere — as in these lines which seem to move from light to darkness, but close with a celebration of poetry itself. There’s mystery but, as always Jim, imagination and intellect. Good to hear from you again.

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