Belly Dancer

March 22, 2015

For John Looker

Skin white as chalk, she stands alone.
Her numbness moreover
has left untended what it came to uncover:
the webs of the brain are webs of light.
The moon will rise early this evening.
It will turn celestial and fly across the lake
in a reflection of a reflection.
At least we think it will…
A gifted child of the earth,
it might end its life forever this evening—
this coming summer’s evening—
prurient and tingling,
as though it were only a belly dancer sent
to entertain only us.


4 Responses to “Belly Dancer”

  1. John Looker Says:

    Hello Jim. My very wishes as you press on with all these medical things.

  2. extrasimile Says:

    John, the dedication is a simple thank you for the thoughts you sent me a couple of weeks ago. I was walking by the UN, getting a little early spring sun. Somehow they brought me back to the poems. I sat there for a while and read a few. I took some notes. I’ve been doing a lot of medical things lately—and I’ve got more to do. But I think I’ll be able to get back to the poems again. This Friday I’m having the second of three surgeries to set up the hard ware for Deep Brain Stimulation. I don’t really know how this will affect me. It could be life changing [one way or the other]. We’ll see.
    A pen name? I don’t know. ‘Looker’? I don’t really like it. ‘Stevens’ is …well, you know… seems perfect. Maybe you should get into Harold Bloom on the anxiety of influence. With a last name like Kleinhenz I guess I don’t see myself coming and going. Congratulations on the book. I will get a copy.
    The moon as a belly dancer? Sure. And prurient too.

  3. John Looker Says:

    PS. I should have explained: during your absence I’ve adopted a pen name (from my mother’s father) in conjunction with having a book published; there are too many John Stevenses writing poetry. So I’m now a Looker – appropriate re your poem, and by the way thank you for your kind dedication, which I greatly appreciate Jim. John

  4. John Looker Says:

    It’s wonderful to see you back here, Jim, your imagination as original and humorous as ever.
    The moon as belly dancer: saucy goddess! You posted this yesterday when the new moon would have presented a beautiful and erotic profile (if the prurient had been able to see it through the cloud here in England) and at around the time of the spring equinox (hence ‘the coming summer’s evening’?). But perhaps you wrote these lines with the old moon in mind, the waning and almost-disappearing forever moon.
    Whichever moon you had been observing, these lines are certainly highly charged and entertaining. I shall treat them as a waxing moon, a simile for your reappearance. Even if briefly, it’s very welcome.
    Now, don’t stay out too late tonight sky gazing; pour yourself a beer and put your feet up.

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