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Perhaps but Once

July 25, 2014

Perhaps. But once it had begun
it was as if it were a human voice
as patient and as skilled as any poem
could ask for in its subtle grace and poise—
a warmth, for growth perhaps,
for words so softly spoken, they seemed
content to talk amongst themselves; for a thought
to scratch the soil for mud worms in a drift
of mud that became the lake we dreamt of
when we dreamt of his dreaming eyes, forever clear.
These are his lips, parted and wearing a smile,
perhaps but once, as though in a last consideration,
his mouth left open like a jack-o-lantern
atop a galloping, breathless horse.

Her Gentle Hands

July 5, 2014

The rain comes out of nowhere, thunder first.
It rumbles through the town more like
a rock concert than a storm. Lightning bolts
light up the dark streets with their ancestral ecstasy.
The boy sits on his bike, his newspapers folded
and wet. The gas station on Sunrise Road
is empty but open. The milk truck stops,
then glides through the traffic light.
The boy pushes off into the dark red street.

If only rain were syrup we could use
to sweeten the sounds our words make—
the words they think will come out of your mouth
to stop him, but don’t,
words that will speak your name—
your name along with all the songs to sing before
the skidding truck suspends all sounds—
the sounds that crash as if bottles fell from the sky,
so much like that hissing sound
that lungs make as they finally slow the breath down—,
and of course the sounds of a prayer
so that he could lie down to sleep
where such precious words are formed—
within her gentle hands.