A Part of the Elaboration

May 31, 2014

He stands alone at the podium,
his horse voice [his joke]

become a paper whisperer
[ours]. He needs

to go on speaking, he says, despite
his throat. He will recite

his poems. Once read,
twice destroyed [no joke].

His mind is slowly sifting sentences from
the past in to a confrontation

with the future. So vivid is silence,
especially when in a shouting match

with an empty room. Too young to be a summary,
he must remain a part of the elaboration.


One Response to “A Part of the Elaboration”

  1. John Stevens Says:

    Remain a part of the elaboration? Not a bad ambition I would say.
    The room is empty. That’s sad. And yet we know he is speaking and we know his poems. So not totally empty then? That’s good.
    And these lines are good too. They are natural speech and a pleasure to read. They are also a natural reportage of what is going on – until, of course, you introduce some puzzles and ambiguities towards the end, with which to tease your readers as ever, Jim!

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