April 23, 2014



3 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. extrasimile Says:

    Thanks Anna and John.
    John, the medium is once again heavily oiled oil pastels. As it dries, it blends together. It is, on the one hand, easy to do, but on the other, actually kind of tricky.
    Anna—yes, I kind of think of them as flowers. But of course, they’re not really. Just a kind of experiment in minimalism. Maybe a good way to think of it is…the colors of flowers.

  2. John Stevens Says:

    That’s beautiful Jim – absolutely delightful!
    What’s the medium? It looks like watercolour on glass!

  3. Anna Mark Says:

    The striking red…the inside of a flower? A bouquet but without stems, just the heads of flowers. Watery colours, almost splashes. Warm.

    (why such a sharply cut off composition?)

    Perhaps I will do some painting, too ; ) You’ve inspired me.

    I think it is a beautiful, loose painting, Jim.

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