At its beginning, every life goes through a phase in which a mild two-person illusion defines the world. —Peter Sloterdijk              You don’t see watermelons with seeds so much anymore. But of course, once upon a time, we thought that was how watermelons were reproduced. We even thought, the more seeds the sweeter the juice. MyContinue reading “Asylum”

This Eve, Only Once

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skin, and clothed them. —Genesis 3:21 It’s not that the garden was empty this evening.The rabbits still played among the fallen apples,the bees still put honey in their honeycomb, and the flowers continued to hiss and sway like snakes.It was justContinue reading “This Eve, Only Once”

To the Level Sown

Without noticing how the moon’s well-defined craters had turned transparent, each larva prepares to leave its shallow abscess, itself a home for both the dawn’s wet rust and the emerging worm that might become either a pilgrim or a penitent. To know the difference was to live beyond the great bell itself— so soft, onlyContinue reading “To the Level Sown”

Bedtime for Bert and Annie

The ships shift, almost collide. One salutes. The other abides in the evening dusk. It seems a certain Captain Pigeon has been piped aboard the Nanny G—only to strut and chuck with an infinite pomposity atop the masts. An admiralty of feathers. Poop on the poop deck. Now, think of this foolery in clear simpleContinue reading “Bedtime for Bert and Annie”