Middle School [How Tintoretto Got on the Bus]

(This will make more sense if you read the previous post first.) He liked Mr. Madden. Everyone did. Every homework told you to ‘Make it magic!’ So ‘eschewed’ could be a form of ‘chewed,’ as when you ate snails in a French restaurant —escargot—which fooled nobody.  So ‘cashier’ could be turned into ‘cashiered’—which did. Absurd,Continue reading “Middle School [How Tintoretto Got on the Bus]”

Middle School [Mr. Madden, Excellence in English]

For tonight’s vocab assignment, my friends: try to find yet another ‘stumper’, a word we all have never heard before.(Please note: I almost said ‘of’. The horror, the horror.) Anyway, try to learn how it lives, how it dies. You must let it reside within your mind. Make it your own. Learn its history. UseContinue reading “Middle School [Mr. Madden, Excellence in English]”

Middle School [The First Day]

As he looks at the seedling his mom left under the porch all winter just to see if it would try to grow come spring, he tries to think like he is gravity itself. He arranges the dirt, the water, then the sky —both horizons—as if they were alike, the dirt touching sea, the seaContinue reading “Middle School [The First Day]”

Concert by the Sea

Open-winged and silent, the great grey witch moths drift down through the clouds into the waiting sea. We call them ‘water witches’—moths that beguile the trees with a weave of waves, moths the seagulls think of as rain drops— These witches have not come from the sea, however; the water fills their gill-like lungs andContinue reading “Concert by the Sea”