Middle School [Mr. Madden, Excellence in English]

April 14, 2013

For tonight’s vocab assignment, my friends:
try to find yet another ‘stumper’, a word
we all have never heard before.(Please note:
I almost said ‘of’. The horror, the horror.)
Anyway, try to learn how it lives, how it dies.
You must let it reside within your mind.
Make it your own. Learn its history.
Use it in a sentence, find a quote.
Now, my scholars, the game’s afoot.
Try to trick us with a false report.
A phony definition for your word
is what I have in mind, a plausible story,
nothing less and nothing more. Nothing tragic.
Just do your best, and…‘Make it magic!’

2 Responses to “Middle School [Mr. Madden, Excellence in English]”

  1. extrasimile Says:

    There’s nothing I’d like better than to have your class try the assignment. If you do do it, let me know.

  2. Anna Mark Says:

    Ah! Love this, Jim. I may just do this assignment with my students. The rhyming at the end is very playful. The whole poem is a joy, a witty joy.

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