Middle School [How Tintoretto Got on the Bus]

April 14, 2013

(This will make more sense if you read the previous post first.)

He liked Mr. Madden. Everyone did.
Every homework told you to ‘Make it magic!’
So ‘eschewed’ could be a form of ‘chewed,’
as when you ate snails in a French restaurant
—escargot—which fooled nobody.  So ‘cashier’
could be turned into ‘cashiered’—which did.
Absurd, abruptly, ceremoniously dismissed
to the tune of a cash register, as in,
The laughing lass has been cashiered
for passing gas. It cost her a scent.

Now this ‘tintoretto’…from the Italian,
to re-paint a bus in various hues so as to go
on a divine journey; to color in a fresh exciting way;
the result, as in, How tintoretto got on the bus, say.


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