Middle School [A Giant, a Squid]

Basel wrote: Then consciousness is like a giant squid. Basel smiled. Take that, Mr. Magic Madden. A perfect iambic pentameter line. A simile. And one that expanded your consciousness. Membranes that must remain in water deep and wide enough for you to swim for miles and not find land or feel the moon as itContinue reading “Middle School [A Giant, a Squid]”

Middle School [Stay, Little One, Stay]

More like sub-aqueous rumors that only he could hear, than like bubbles that did not rise, except to his ear; more like words in an alphabet soup— not swimming, but suspended, like he was, too alive to be here, but here anyway—than a baby, fat in the sink. For he had been promised birth. EvenContinue reading “Middle School [Stay, Little One, Stay]”

Middle School [Bathsheba Pulls the Plug]

The baby is in the dishwater, playing ‘Dish’. He’s got dried egg yolk between his toes, oatmeal up his nose. Soaking wet. No clothes. Diaper wet diarrhea. Bathsheba pulls the plug, the bride’s surprise. If she had a paralyzing ray gun right now she would paralyze him for the day and leave him in theContinue reading “Middle School [Bathsheba Pulls the Plug]”

Middle School [Neema Gets It]

Neema got it. He was not the principal; his name was ‘Principal’; he taught math; he was talking about the midpoint of a line, how you had  to know it’s beginning and its end. A chalk line on the board. Tell me to stop when I get to the middle. An inch, barely. That’s theContinue reading “Middle School [Neema Gets It]”

Handmaid’s Harp

Not every student thinks to study the sunrise— not with hand-made wings, they don’t. A great grey sky, shy gulls, the night’s cries tell of harpies and liars—not of the music of the handmaid’s harp. What is cool, though, is that to fulfill the harp’s music here on earth, someone’s ears must hear it all.Continue reading “Handmaid’s Harp”