What They Say

March 17, 2013

They say, fire is the inspired hour;
ice the minute left behind; water
the years—all the years;
and air…
air explains how time can stand so still,
while the breeze brings
the scent of apple pie through
the open window
and the open window…
the open window smiles
and counts the days until the spring–
like they might be ours always.


4 Responses to “What They Say”

  1. extrasimile Says:

    Yes, it is a wonder when a poem just flows into existence. It doesn’t happen very often. I look forward to seeing your poem.

  2. Anna Mark Says:

    Air, water, fire, an open window, waiting and smiling, and finally — spring (the green, and budding earth). The air explains how time can stand so still, while the window counts the days until spring. Why must it be these days of waiting that are our always?…always waiting for spring…
    (I am presently trying to write a poem about this waiting for spring. It is about the lull, the presence of a lull…it is a struggle, so I envy hearing how this beautiful poem came so quickly for you. What a joy it must have been to write. Hmmn. I loved this poem : )

  3. extrasimile Says:

    Well, there is the Robert Frost poem, Fire and Ice.
    ‘Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.’
    But yes, I did have the classical elements in mind. It seemed right however to let the poem take the road less traveled and wander off to the window, and the scent of pie, and the breeze. My psyche went in this direction, so I left it. This whole poem, by the way, took about ten minutes to write, top to bottom.

  4. John Stevens Says:

    This one sounds beautiful spoken aloud slowly, Jim – there’s a dreamy quality about time standing so still, about that scent of apple pie and the open window …
    Your opening lines puzzle me a bit. What’s the significance of fire and ice? I suppose the references to fire, ice and water – and air – are a kind of preliminary musing before the poem settles on time and the related images of air … the breeze, the scent, the approach of spring (in the air). I wondered whether you had the four classical elements in mind, but earth is missing from that list. Would earth be a valuable inclusion? Or do you dwell on fire, ice/water and air for private reasons?

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