Mother Nature’s War on Trees

November 8, 2012

These pictures are from the second storm to hit Long Island this week.


6 Responses to “Mother Nature’s War on Trees”

  1. Anna Mark Says:

    Well, that would be a first for me, a tree like a big banana!

  2. extrasimile Says:

    Yes, that orange is the tree trunk. Notice that the branches actually split in two different directions. Sort of like a big banana.

  3. Anna Mark Says:

    Beautiful and elegant lines on the second photograph of the fallen tree. I assume that stripe of orange/red is the raw inner trunk of the broken tree? Wow.

  4. extrasimile Says:

    Yes, Thomas, we are all right. This was a serious storm. The lowest low pressure gradient ever recorded in a hurricane on the east coast—lower than the 1938 storm that caused so much damage. The number of trees that came down—big, old trees—was amazing and dismaying. The landscape will never look the same around here. I’m going to brave the Long Island Railroad tomorrow and try to make my way up to City College. I haven’t taught a class in two weeks. The first week the entire school was closed—the entire city was closed, but the second week I just cancelled my classes. Time to get back to work.
    By the way Thomas, it is wonderful to hear from you. I hope this means all is well with you—or at least as much of ‘all’ as one can expect in this world.

  5. Thomas Davis Says:

    I hope you’re okay, Jim. I’ve been out of poetry for awhile. The election simply put me in a state that was neither pleasant nor supportable. I’m hoping I’m out of that place. I was wondering how you weathered the storms. Given that you are posting photographs, I assume you’re okay. I hope you have heat. We faced a big storm when we lived in Carlton, Minnesota and were without electricity for ten days. It was tough.

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