The Haiku

June 18, 2012


6 Responses to “The Haiku”

  1. Tom D'Evelyn Says:

    Lovely essay beginning OKAY but not quite ending . . . . feels like an introduction. Much of interest however, and charmingly written. Though I disagree with your carte blanc credit to Needham; for Chinese “thought” see Benjamin I Schwartz, The World of Thought in Ancient China (Harvard). AND, Jim you’d be fascinated in a recent book by Harold D. Roth, Original Tao: Inward Training (Nei-yeh) and the foundations of taoist mysticism (Columbia).

  2. Tom D'Evelyn Says:

    Hirshfield is herself a guru. I prefer Jane Reichhold. For what it’s worth, i am committed to discovering a haiku way that fully respects the way of Basho. This requires historical and metaphysical determinations and finesse. Key works include Peipei Qiu on the Dao. See my blog ecoku.

  3. extrasimile Says:

    Yes, I know I’m being hasty here. I’ll look at their site with more attention. I stumbled on a ‘kindle single’ this morning ‘The Heart of the Haiku’ by Jane Hirshfield. The thing about the essay, I’m hoping you will enjoy it; no need for commentary.

  4. Tom D'Evelyn Says:

    What the foundation represents is not haiku itself, not that anyone would try, but the variety of haiku communities, modern haiku as a social phenomenon. . . . Your interest in reversible syntax is one I share: vide the pond songs. I will definitely comment on your essay as time allows.

  5. extrasimile Says:

    Aside from the cleverness issue—we had an expression when I was a kid, ‘too clever by half’ that may sum up the situation—apart from my wonderful cleverness, I like the way the first line/ word and the last line/ word pull at the middle line. ‘Initiated, the haiku is like an egg’, and ‘the haiku is like an egg, inseminated.’ These two sentences really saw two different things. I have a sort of image in my mind of two children sitting on a see-saw going back and forth: initiated/ inseminated, initiated, inseminated…
    I’ve looked at the Haiku foundation site and, well, I’ll think about. It doesn’t seem that they present the haiku very well. They need space and silence around them, don’t they? But the haiku itself…yes, it is a quite interesting form. Something to think about…
    (I’d be curious—if you have a few moments—to know what you think of a piece I wrote some time ago.
    But if you don’t…no worries.) I’d sort of like to get back in to the essay this summer.

  6. Tom D'Evelyn Says:

    well, this is provocative to someone like me who will always sit and talk about haiku. To me, and “initiated” haiku would be that one written/conceived/rewritten in the field of understanding marked by the fold between beings and creative non-being. That said, the haiku is indeed “inseminated” and will bring forth such creatures as can survive such a conception, and bring them forth FOR creatures who inhabit the fold. The coolness of the egg (shape) bespeaks the nirvana we breathe in the fold . . . . You really should show your haiku on the Haiku Foundation website where they can nourish intelligent conversation, for which the website is not particularly well-known, to speak diplomatically.

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