5 – 7 – 5 [ the Haiku ]

June 14, 2012

The haiku is like an  egg,


6 Responses to “5 – 7 – 5 [ the Haiku ]”

  1. extrasimile Says:

    Oh come on, David. It is nothing of the sort…But thank you.

  2. fivereflections Says:

    the best Haiku ever!

  3. extrasimile Says:

    I certainly do not object. They go together like bacon and eggs (as it were). I just put a version of ‘The Haiku’ with a picture of an egg up. Feel free to use it if you think it works better. Also note the change to capital letters. ‘Jeremiah’ is quite nice. I wonder if you are familiar with the Freddy the Pig books by Walter Brooks. They were a big part of my life when I was ten or so. Freddy and the other animals on the Bean farm would go on adventures. Freddy was, among other things, a poet. (And there is a book of poems other there to prove it.)The rooster’s name was Charles. I rather doubt if there was anything I’ve read since then that had so much influence on my life.
    And, oh, there are two ‘Freddy’ poems that I wrote some time ago. https://extrasimile.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/freddy-an-unguarded-moment/
    The first one is closer to the spirit of the books; in the second I get too clever.

  4. Thomas Davis Says:

    Oh Jim, I only wish I could be so clever. Defining a haiku this way certainly leads to roosters on a split wood fence crowing awake the rising sun. I love this!
    This reminds me of an old prose poem I wrote a long time ago. I think I’ll edit it and add your haiku to the front of the piece if you do not object. If you do let me know, and I’ll take it down.

  5. extrasimile Says:

    Thanks, John. I was thinking that since I had named the previous one 5 – 7 – 5 as a way of having my haiku cake and eating it too, it might be fun to try a haiku called ‘Haiku’. This one sort of hatched itself.

  6. John Stevens Says:

    Oh, this is very clever, Jim!
    An egg is a little thing, perfectly and symmetrically shaped, isn’t it? And it is not always inseminated. But when it is … what a future! So, an unbeatable metaphor for the haiku.
    And on top of that, you have really polished the smooth symmetrical shape of this one, with those single, 5-syllable rhyming words either side of the central line which contains the yolk.
    Applause!! Standing ovation!!

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