Too Sweet

November 6, 2011

I never noticed the wallpaper
until we took the furniture
out of their bedroom.
I would have said the walls
were painted tan or grey or green,
not all those flowers repeated
around the room,
not the nosegay bouquet,
not the cerulean dreams
my mother must
have thought so cheery.

And you can still smell
the too sweet perfume too,
still winding down the stairs,
still protesting existence.


3 Responses to “Too Sweet”

  1. extrasimile Says:

    Thanks John. I never quite realized it, but returning to a poem is the ultimate compliment, isn’t it?

  2. John Stevens Says:

    This is a good’un. Simple and moving. The details are both particular to this unique poem and typical of every reader’s experience.
    Congratulations Jim – it’s one I’ll return to.
    (Just bung the ‘i’ in ‘painted’).

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