Dog and Cat

April 2, 2011

The point is for the paws to pause at ‘pause’.

Reading is not pausing. Pause.

It could be, Cat, it could be interrupting. Pause.

Nonsense. As all cats know, you pause at the end of a clause. Period.

Of course. You pause and pause and pause, your paws pause.

Dog’s paws pause. Cat’s paws are known for their claws. Period.

Sure, pause at ‘period’, pause to end a clause, Cat, but end a line

without an end…

Oh Dog. Without an end, a clause is not a clause, all claws leave marks to end the clause.

O Cat, I’m talking enjambment, where your paws—with or without claws—pause

out of respect, pause,

out of respect for the rhythm of the line, pause,

out of respect for the music of words, the clause, pause,

the claws, the paws, pause,

the way the pause claws its way to the final pause, pause,

then at the end, why, Cat, why, a final clause , a last pause…

Yes, Dog, I see. At the end, the paws applause. Pause.




2 Responses to “Dog and Cat”

  1. […] considered and will need to incorporate in the near future. I’m also intrigued to see Jim’s use of repetition on his blog this […]

  2. John Stevens Says:

    Applause! Why? ’cause it’s funny. Pause. And clever.

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