It’s Memorial Day!

April 1, 2011

The Marching Metaphysicals, in March, en masse,
suffer psoriasis, heartburn, heartache,
the occasional backache and/or mustache pull
(so difficult to tell)…
so when ‘Strike up the Band’ is started up—
distant, around the corner—Wee Willie
is surprised. Gee Whiz!
…and runs in front of Hook and Ladder Co.12,
crushes a leg, and is carted off to the hospital.
It starts to rain—shit—pours cats and dogs.
What a day, what a parade.
Dead soldiers deserve better.

Time passes. Time has passed. Time will pass.
Willie’s okay. He lost the bottom two-thirds
of his right leg, but, you know, come the Vietnam War,
pretty much every boy in town got his ass drafted.
I still remember that Memorial Day.
1953, I think it was.
What a day for a parade. What a soaking!
We’ll see you later, okay?
Corn dogs, my place, tonight, about seven.
Just bring your own heartache.


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