Selkirk Island Cantabile

It’s where they bear the wherewithal of stars; where the meta-talk—the cantabile—the cannibals use is used to turn their food in to franks and beans; where the indirect object (‘for you’)is you; where one left footprint left on a lonely beach (it was not lonely; he was), a track to trace the trail back home;Continue reading “Selkirk Island Cantabile”

The Lady Mineola

Garrulous prose: a child’s mere babble. And yet a man who drools, the idiot, the man of tears who restrains himself no longer, who let’s himself go—he too is without words, bereft of power, but still he is closer to speech that flows and flows away than to writing which restrains itself even if thisContinue reading “The Lady Mineola”

While Vigils are kept at Night

If you can, play them the music first thing this morning. Go to them, stay there, make them a breakfast that no one will want to eat. A piece of toast, Ma. You have to put something in your stomach, Ma. Just some toast. That is the real repetition— where simple words become new metaphor.Continue reading “While Vigils are kept at Night”

Hansel’s End

A fantastic effort has failed, a repetition In a repetitiousness of men and flies. —Wallace Stevens That apples fall, overripe in Eden… that revelations have failed to uncover the proportions, as such, of paradise, is of no surprise, not to Gretel, for she smells the pears, the bananas, the coffee. We’ll have a nice breakfastContinue reading “Hansel’s End”

Repetition, Redundancy, Recursion, Teaching, Slow Poetry, Repetition

Information can be handled quite well by a drum. If we follow along with James Gleick in his new book The Information, it seems that one of the important advances in information was made by the ‘talking’ drum. The great advantage was that they were loud. You could pass a message a good distance andContinue reading “Repetition, Redundancy, Recursion, Teaching, Slow Poetry, Repetition”

It’s Memorial Day!

The Marching Metaphysicals, in March, en masse, suffer psoriasis, heartburn, heartache, the occasional backache and/or mustache pull (so difficult to tell)… so when ‘Strike up the Band’ is started up— distant, around the corner—Wee Willie is surprised. Gee Whiz! …and runs in front of Hook and Ladder Co.12, crushes a leg, and is carted offContinue reading “It’s Memorial Day!”