Trees Do Fly, Old father…

Just don’t say that—for I would sketch the chalice of time, not the compromise— for trees do fly, old father. It’s true. The sap that can climb the cellular ladder— with leaves and birds, the old artifacts, the spiders and flies, bugs and caterpillars that can fuel arcs of light and arcs of flight— wouldContinue reading “Trees Do Fly, Old father…”

What Emerges

Mary, another beauty, Bethany—from Beth and Anthony—the Bethlehem Babe, who sings while we sleep, and cries when we wake. A giant child made to look so much bigger than she could possibly be. The surprise of spring, elevated by our high- toned songs and heightened language. Our warrior—once copied by spitting chewed and salivated earthContinue reading “What Emerges”

Annunciation Song

raise grief to music –Louis Zukofsky We populate earth and death in an attempt to inform humanity— its scent, its sentence, its poetry. And blessed be singers who sing of man, woman and child, the antenna of provocation, an obsession of dust, among wild bones… The jaw drops. You earn your vocabulary. The arm besideContinue reading “Annunciation Song”

Freddy goes to Florida

The great train goes by like a great but grainy owl, like a black-and-white two-reeler that’s both a movie and a mnemonic—oh yes!— each view a polished memory, each stop, each station, each picket fence, every tree a hiding dryad! (Freddy’s read his Keats.) He smiles. We’ll go easy on the dryads. It seems thereContinue reading “Freddy goes to Florida”