Ether Island: What she Meant – d 1968

February 24, 2011

If Too old to count was like a mantra
to him alive, a joke to silence, then,
she guessed, silence joked in his death
epitaph too. Now, it said, it is
chipped into the stone…

No. What he had meant was ‘in to’ the stone.

The unfamiliar: it was in their light
that ashes fell. Some said old Doc Spooner
burned in hell, some said rocks don’t burn…
they melt. She did kneel at his grave.
She knew that he had first seen the dead,
and all the unfamiliar faces that had drowned
in his lake…and took away their burial ground.
How many had died holding on to his gloves?

Was this her epitaph? Smoke don’t burn either too.
They found it in her bed.
Pastor changed that ‘either too’ to just either.
He said that’s what she meant. Just add a ‘d’
like old Doctor Spooner had for ‘dead’.
And add her year: 1968.

No. What she meant was
Smoke doesn’t burn in ether either
for she had lived in his ether all her life.


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