Poetry on the bed between them—

February 10, 2011

A man, yet by these tears a boy again…
Walt Whitman

Play sighed, Ice-Boy, then endure, then, verdure
you see, it’s good. You have an o-u-s
but that e in verdure kills you. Murder
would bake the cake, simply be murderous.
Rats! They both know it should be murderess.
Poetry in a game of Scrabble—
perfidious, insidious babble.
She lets him win. For what words could address
a kidney’s death? It’s loss that lies between
them. Thought, not love, is grandma’s end. This poem
can’t be your Valentine, Ice-Boy, go home.
We’ll find a final word—for you, smokescreen,
a cloudy day, and double letter points;
for me, use the Holy Spirit… anoints.


2 Responses to “Poetry on the bed between them—”

  1. extrasimile Says:

    Ice-Boy just goes back to ‘The Further Adventures of Ice-Boy’. In writing it I went through ‘Ice-Boy’,
    ‘Icicles-Boy’ and ‘I-Boy’. I don’t expect him to last much longer, though. One final poem where the ‘I’ in Ice-Boy emerges?
    One thing I might say here is that you might try thinking of this as a kind of ‘mash-up’ between a sonnet and a scrabble game—or a sonnet about a mash up of a sonnet and a scrabble game—and the use of the words from each on the bed between them. ‘Murderous’ not really being the rhyme with ‘o-u-s’ that ‘murderess’ is, but—come on—would you really call a woman who had committed a murder a murderess? It would survive a dictionary challenge however in a game of Scrabble.

  2. John Stevens Says:

    Once again I’m aware of your assured touch in crafting the form and the lines of the poem, and a controlled consistent tone, but again I don’t wholly understand. The game of scrabble … between boy and grandmother … an impending death and sadness of memory. I’m missing something I know, but I’ve enjoyed reading it several times.
    Incidentally, in which of your poems does Ice-Boy first appear? I’d like to backtrack.

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