Theater of One

Winnie is speaking. Ah yes, she says, if only I could bear to be alone, I mean prattle away without a soul to hear…Is that not so, Willie? Is that not so, Willie, that even words fail, at times?…Oh no doubt the time will come when before I can utter a word I must makeContinue reading “Theater of One”

A Poise Between

Even the babies are not themselves up there, just playing in the snow, letting the mountain peaks disguise them. The babies laugh at words of loss. They laugh at thoughts of words. To think that you can liken ice to such a delicate liqueur! Read Yeats on gold. It’s the not-so-human we should be focusingContinue reading “A Poise Between”

When They Used to Burn Witches

Look, off to the lighthouse, east. See it? First bird. Trace its fire, a spider web can be a lattice into space, a talisman… and when it burns, the smoke can be a crazy cloud— too black and drifting in with all its might, a swan still extant in last night’s moonlight— or think whenContinue reading “When They Used to Burn Witches”