The Seed King

December 28, 2010

Down there on the beach—
look at that dog—
its gait, its ebbing strength.
For sure, that’s the ancient Seed King,
here to anoint the Chosen One
before he dies. Imagine that,
the disappearance, verily, into
the heart and bowels of an
anointment could be made real
right here today. Simple as day
turns to night. Imagine that, in
our seed, his icy phlegm…

…for, it is written, he carries our seed
as though preservation and salvation
were pond and ice for children to
slide and skate upon…
He bringeth salvia for the child who
cannot return home for dinner and who is
frozen there, still in his diapers, who is soon
to become the new Seed King.  Get it?
The child who is looked at so fiercely by
the other kids and who can’t know—
can’t know him well enough
to try to pet him before he dies…



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