Second Solstice (Solace)

December 20, 2010

This time, he thought, it could be St. Lucy
herself out there and not
our vision of her. Winter’s sunrise could be
her last breath strung out along the ocean rim—
who scant seven hours
herself unveils…
—and not a group of solemn winter friends,
and not the sun’s addiction to the summer.
You do not need life to have movement.
The Geminids will pass across the sky tonight.
The mass for this day is as ripe
as earth’s oldest, ripest melon.
Perhaps a second of solace, he thought. That’s all.

Yet our hydroptic earth remains
a thirsty earth, a dropsical,
gasping-for-life-as-if-it-were-air, earth.
The lights St Lucy lights are like space debris.
It can die up there too, you know,
the second solstice.
But here we must whisper.


2 Responses to “Second Solstice (Solace)”

  1. ima spend this time meditating =]

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