Krazy Kat, Bert the Kat

To fictive environments blood is the fee. —James Merrill The door’s not closed, not locked anyway— so Bert the Kat crashes— and we can’t call the cops— we don’t anyway— maybe I invited him. One eye sports an eye patch, like he’s a pirate on a skateboard or something. He’s way too skinny; he’s wasted,Continue reading “Krazy Kat, Bert the Kat”

Postcards, Unsigned

The First Card An adventurous ‘hello’ from Hollow Head Island! Apologies about the penmanship. It seems the postcards shake these days, not the volcanoes, not the earth. So far we’ve been to the Stalactite Park, the Gotterdammerung Grotto, hid in the Hidden Caves, got lost in the Lost World. We even walked some of theContinue reading “Postcards, Unsigned”