From ‘Three Philosophical Poets’

This thought from George Santayana: If a short passage is poetical because it is pregnant with suggestion of a few things, which stretches our attention and makes us rapt and serious, how much more poetical ought a vision which was pregnant with all we care for? Focus a little experience, give some scope and depthContinue reading “From ‘Three Philosophical Poets’”

The Pictures He Paints

1. Those ratty kids. Those names they put him through— Like Little Boy, and Tiny Alpha Man, Like Dog Head, like Krakatoa—my son, He’s a volcano? They’re comparing him To a volcano?—well, he saw it through, And I guess he did see the explosion… But you don’t know what you look like, Do you?—or howContinue reading “The Pictures He Paints”

Too Much Music

1. I don’t know, you just can’t beat a good parade— And John Philip Sousa, either.  Either The Colonel Bogey March, or Stars and Stripes Forever—or—do both! A row of drums, A row of trumpets, fifes and flutes, my fav The glockenspiel, the cymbals, saxophones, Sousaphones, of course. Then—then—the Mayor’s car, The fire department, policeContinue reading “Too Much Music”