Free Association

  Want to take a guess?  Okay, here’s a quiz. Can you tell me the name of the earliest example we have of a printed and dated literary work? Right, it has nothing to do with Guttenberg; we have to go to China, and it is something philosophical—but what? Something from Confucius? Nope. Maybe somethingContinue reading “Free Association”


Robert Darnton Do me a favor and read my summary of Robert Darnton’s opening paragraphs in The New York Review of Books on The Library in the New Age, and then follow the link below to read Mr. Darnton’s essay. We’re going to learn about the instability of information. You know: compare and contrast. HereContinue reading “Turbulance”

Literacy… and all the World’s Information

Take that, Wikipedia You know the indictment: that the Wikipedia has no authority, no credibility; that you can’t trust it; that just about anybody can stick in just about anything they want in there; that, for example, some joker could say that Abraham Lincoln was born in the lap of luxury in Connecticut , wentContinue reading “Literacy… and all the World’s Information”